Event Conference Or Exhibition Hire/Lease Mobile Phone Charging Station

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Rent a Vischarge® Mobile phone Charging Station for your event, conferences or exhibition within UK and Europe

Hire a Vischarge® Mobile phone Charging Station for your event, conferences or exhibition within UK and Europe

Lease a Vischarge® Mobile phone Charging Station for your event, conferences or exhibition within UK and Europe

Leasing and Events

With a Vischarge® Phone charging kiosk, you can Promote your brand or sponsors while improving your client's user experience at your next conference, event, trade show or festival.

12-locker-Mobile phone charging station

All cover all UK and European events, conferences, exhibitors booths, brand activations, festivals, fairs, concerts, expos, charity events, corporate events, private parties, sports events –We also have a wide range of phone charging kiosks with full branding.

Our Vischarge® premium mobile phone charging kiosk would help improve the client and guest experience while keeping them connected at your next conference, trade show, meeting, concert, party–even your wedding.

Why not provide the convenience of a Vischarge® mobile phone charging station at your next event, while promoting your brand on a smartphone charging platform. We have different solutions with limited availability so book now


Brand it. Customize it. Get it sponsored.

Mobile Phone charging Kiosk

  • Vischarge® phone charging station provides the premium mobile charging stations for hire/lease or buy-now.
  • We have a mobile phone charging solution to fit your needs in the United Kingdom or Europe.
  • We customize your Vischarge® device charging kiosk with your branding or advertising.
  • The phone charging kiosk uses only one regular power outlet, Charge up to 50 devices simultaneously while promoting your brand.
  • Vischarge® mobile phone charging stations are easy to setup/pack and ship via UPS or Royal Mail.


Products -Vischarge® Phone Charging Kiosk

locker mobile phone charging station with screen

Our Vischarge® premium mobile phone charging solution comes in a variety of sizes and with different branding options, We supply our clients with the model that is perfectly tailored for their event. Browse our product options on our website or give us a call to discuss a tailored solution.

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12-Pin Mobile phone charging station

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