Vischarge® Fast Charge Technology.


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Vischarge, event lease, rent and hire. Keep your clients connected and charged up with a branded mobile phone charging station while increasing traffic



Vischarge is the United Kingdom and Europe's leading expert for energy-efficient fast charging technology. All our charging solutions are designed with your brand in mind. We believe the art of simplicity is the purest form of genius.


Why VisCharge®

We focus on our clients ROI and delivering results that really deliver for your brand.

We are the best in the UK and Europe with our new cutting-edge charging technology

We provide next-generation products and customizable mobile charging solutions to deliver brand value

Our premium mobile phone charging solutions are simple, durable and customizable. The cutting-edge design is engineered with our clients in mine. Each product was created for delivering brand value and energy efficiency in mind.

Vischarge® Venue Installation.

Our Premium Energy Efficient Technology Mobile Charging Solutions.

Vischarge® on Universities, Colleges and Schools

Connectivity equals productivity so why not keep your students, staffs and clients all connected and charged up

Staying connected is essential in our smartphone society. A charged phone on a university campus is vital to stay in touch will family, communicating with their professors, friends, clients and the surf the web so students, staffs and clients rely on their mobile devices.

With over 100+ colleges already signed up to VisCharge®, and with the limited availability BUY NOW and don’t be left behind.

From university student unions to libraries, student lounges, university gyms etc. VisCharge® premium recharging stations provide a convenience factor that would earn you extra credit and it would improve the experience with your students and faculty.

All charging stations are fully customizable with your university, colleges or school’s branding and it would charge up to eight devices at once while only using one regular socket.

Vischarge® in Healthcare, and NHS

Improve your patient satisfaction scores and experience

12pin mobile phone charging station

Vischarge® provides a premium and user-friendly mobile charging solutions for your patients, staffs and visitors. In the world of healthcare which is a fast-paced environment, we all need to be accessible and connected.

Having the most up-to-date amenities in your hospital or private practice has also become more and more important. This simple solution will keep your patients, visitors and staff charged and connected.

  • Improve your patient, visitors and staffs satisfaction scores with one of our mobile charging stations.
  • Customize your VisCharge® mobile charging station with your branding.
  • Charge up to eight devices at once while only using one regular power outlet.

Vischarge® in Retail and Restaurants

Shopping. Eating. Drinking.

12pin mobile phone charging station

Give your customers the VisCharge® premium charging experience when shopping or dining.

Improving the client's experience is the difference between a one-time customer and a lifetime customer. VisCharge® can help improve the customer experience by bringing some power to the party while promoting your brand. Guarantee that a full phone charge will always be in stock.

Why not add a premium mobile phone charging solution to your food court, bar or waiting areas and watch customer happiness and experience increase.

  • Delight customers and improve your venue with mobile charging solutions to keep them connected to friends.
  • Customize your VisCharge® multi-device charging station with your branding or advertising.
  • Charge up to eight devices at once while only using one regular power

Vischarge® for Venues Casinos, Hotels, Coffee Shops and Gyms.

12pin mobile phone charging station

  • Enhance their experience with Vischarge charging stations in your venue.

Give your venue’s guests an improved experience of VisCharge’s charging stations so they can get a fast, safe, efficient charge while promoting your brand

  • Mobile charging kiosks are a great brand value for any venue.
  • Keep guests and fans happy at any event by keeping their mobile devices charged.
  • Customize your Vischarge device charging station with your branding or advertising.
  • Charge up to eight devices at once while only using one regular outlet.

Vischarge® Everywhere

Vischarge® premium charging solutions are great for just about any situation or venue.

  • Service centre lounges, conference rooms, waiting areas, everywhere

VisCharge® charging stations are just the thing to make a lasting, positive impression on your clients, staff and guests with a quick, efficient, easy to use, charging solution complete with your logo

  • Keep your clients happy in any environment by keeping their devices charged.
  • Customize your Vischarge device charging kiosk with your branding or advertising.
  • Charge up to eight devices at once while only using one regular outlet.

Our Clients

VisCharge® provides Premium Energy Efficient powerful charging solutions to a broad range of clients including Businesses, colleges, healthcare systems, retail, restaurants, gym, Casino concert halls and sports venues.