Unlockable with LCD Screen

Non- Locker Mobile Phone Charging Station with LCD Touch Screen

phone charging station with screen

The non-locker phone charging station with LCD Screen is the floor standing phone charging kiosk that re-charges a minimum of 36 different phones or devices including all iPhones and Andriod. 

The non-locker phone charging station is the best phone charging kiosk for brand awareness and sponsorship. Brand promotion using customised vinyl wrapping with your logo and your brand video on the LCD display screen which drives footfall to your event booth, retail spaces, in return increasing dwelling time and customer spend at the venue


The Vischarge ®  energy efficient freestanding mobile phone charging station technology with LCD touch screen is very popular and is installed in hundreds of venues and stores in the UK and the EU.

The Vischarge® free-standing mobile phone charging solution is built for high traffic, high usage environments making it very Robust and Durable


Powerful Mobile Phone Charging Kiosk  with LCD Touch Screen

36-pin Mobile phone charging station

Fig 1: Non-Locker Mobile phone charging station with lcd screen



Mobile phone charging kiosk

  • LCD Touch Screen user interface
  • Best in Class
  • Full Speed Rapid Charging 
  • Non Locker Phone Charging Kiosk 
  • Multi-Device Charging  (36 – 48 Devices)
  • Patent Pending, Energy Efficient Technology
  • Charges 99% of Devices including smart mobile phones and tablets
  • Charges All iPhone and Andriod Devices 
  • Customizable /Interchangeable Graphics
  • Durable-Designed for high traffic usage
  • Simple & Practical Elegant & Affordable
  • Assembled in the UK
36-pin Mobile phone charging station
Powerful Mobile Phone Charging Kiosk with LCD Touch Screen