Wireless Charger Mobile Phone Locker

Vischarge Wireless Mobile Phone Charging Locker



4 locker Wireless Mobile phone charging station





Wireless Mobile phone charging locker


Wireless Mobile Phone Charging Locker


Using our range of Vischarge wireless charging lockers, keeping your smartphone charged securely has never been easier.

The Vischarge wireless charging mobile phone stations blend in beautifully with your branding on the locker option. All without having to hide messy cables.

The custom branded 4, 6 and 12 wireless charging mobile phone locker comes with both charging cables and wireless charging. Also, the 8 locker mobile charging station with LCD screen comes with half charging cables and half wireless charger


  • 4, 8 or 12 individual Lockers
  • 2-6 Charging Cables per Locker
  • 1-4 wireless charging hub per Locker
  • Digital Keypad Locks
  • User-Generated Lock Codes
  • Best in Class
  • Full Speed
  • Multi-Device Charging
  • Patent Pending, Energy Efficient Technology
  • Charges 99% of Devices
  • Customizable /Interchangeable Graphics
  • Customizable Dimension
  • Durable-Designed for high traffic usage
  • Simple & Practical Elegant & Affordable
  • Assembled in the UK
12 locker Wireless Mobile phone charging station

Wireless charging technology on mobile phone charging lockers are very convenient and it makes secure charging easier without the cable. How exactly does it work? Join Vischarge as we explain the physics of wireless charging mobile phone charging stations.

Wireless charging or cordless phone charging is also known as Inductive charging. This process uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects through electromagnetic induction. .The energy is then sent through an inductive coupling to the mobile phone or device and then that energy is used to charge batteries or run the device.


Wireless Mobile Phone Charging Station