Pop up stores and how to develop a formula for success using a mobile phone charging kiosk

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36-pin Mobile phone charging station

Pop up stores formula for success using a mobile phone charging locker

36-pin Mobile phone charging station
Fig 1: Non-locker phone charging station

The main physical, technological, and location developmental challenges facing the future popup store idea and supporting the new customer journey involve implementing a strategy to meet the customer need by reaching a broad audience and building brand awareness via a new experience.

Brand awareness by adding value to a new customer journey by providing a free phone charging service that will add value to every modern shopper.

The ideal customer’s mobile phone and a branded phone charging non-locker are essential for the ideal customer journey and this should be the main focus of the new technological experience being deployed by brands, for the pop-up store of the future.

Advantage of the lockers mobile phone charging station with a screen and non-locker mobile phone charging station.


The mobile phone charging kiosk could be connected directly to a standard socket which reduces any health and safety risks. They are all CE tested and electrically safe.

The mobile phone charging kiosk is designed to use our fast-charging technology to low battery anxiety, improve brand awareness and improve customer experience. This allows your customers and visitors to stay connected on-the-go.

Our software and hardware enable access to mobile digital ticketing, mobile payment and access to online offers.

Brand awareness using customised vinyl wrapping and the LCD display panel which drives footfall to retail spaces, increasing dwelling time and customer spend at the venue.

Mobile phone charging locker
Fig 2: Mobile phone charging locker


Why a phone charging locker is a formula deployed for success

Phone charging lockers are designed to enhance customer experience, drive footfall, and boost spending while building brand awareness and delivering measurable ROI.

The smartphone and all the phone apps have become a fundamental part of our daily lives as humans for the purpose of connectivity or exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet. Importantly, smartphones have the ability to pay for goods and services.

The limitation and shortfall are normally when the phone battery is low or dead which change the customer’s behavior and leads to Nomophobia

The customer experience of the future gives the customer and visitors the opportunity to charge their mobile phones quickly and on the go. The gives the vendor the opportunity for brand awareness by adding value to the customer journey

Having phone charging kiosks that are lockable or non-lockable in your venue is designed to change the behavior positively.

Phone charging station (Locker and Non-locker) Guarantee:

Our main competitive advantage is that all our mobile phone charging solutions (Locker mobile phone charging stations or non-locker phone charging stations) are locally designed and manufactured to meet the local standards in the country.

The locker mobile phone charging station or the non-locker phone charging stations are user-friendly, easy to install, through the Internet of things.


Mobile Phone Charging Lockers or Non-Locker Phone Charging Station Solutions by Sector 

Vischarge® is the market leader with a unique specialty in free-to-use phone charging kiosks. This supports brand awareness and customer reach using a phone charging kiosk to keep clients connected and engaged.  

As a phone charging companies-Vischarge® mobile device charging solutions cover all sectors on a purchase or rental basis. We cover retail, healthcare, transport, education, and events.