Conventional Mobile Phone Charging Station Vs Wireless Charging Mobile Phone Charging Kiosk

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Conventional Mobile Phone Charging Station Vs Wireless Charging Mobile Phone Lockers

Charging Mobile Phone Charging Kiosk.

How it changes the future of the Mobile phone charging station Industry.

Majority of the smartphones and mobile devices are currently recharged using the conventional mobile charging stations, however, in the future, they will be recharged with some sort of wireless charging capability or maybe both.

Industry experts believe that both options would be used in the future so how does it change or improve the conventional mobile phone charging kiosk and what does the future landscape look like for the United Kingdom, Europe and around the world.

 What is a Mobile phone charging station

mobile phone charging station is also called a mobile phone charging kiosk and they are used for charging different mobile phone devices or tablet at the same time by either using a wireless charging pad or a conventional charging cable.

M6, M8 or M10 Mobile phone charging station

Secure Lockable mobile phone charging station

What Is Wireless Charging?

12 locker Wireless Mobile phone charging station

12 Locker Wireless Mobile Phone Charging Station

Wireless phone charging or wireless phone power transfer process uses the electromagnetic fields to transfer the right power safely from a transmitting source known as charging pads to the phone, device or tablet for the purposes of recharging a battery without the use of a charging wired connector or physical connection.

What Is Wireless Charging Mobile Phone Charging Station

A wireless mobile phone charging station is a mobile phone charging kiosk that is used for charging different mobile phone devices or tablet at the same time using the wireless principle of which is by using a wireless charging pad to recharge phones and other mobile devices rather than the conventional charging cables.

Mobile Phone Charging Kiosk with Display LCD screen

Lockable Mobile Charging Station with Displace LCD Screen

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

Wireless charging uses charging pads to recharge phones and other mobile devices. Electromagnetic field is induced by coils using the process of transferring an electrical current between two objects which is based on the principle of magnetic resonance, or Inductive Power Transfer.

Steps for wireless charging

  • The voltage from the mains is converted into high-frequency alternating current (AC).
  • The transmitter circuit sends an alternating current (AC) to the transmitter coil by which then induces a time-varying magnetic field in the transmitter coil.
  • Within a giving distance, the alternating current flowing within the transmitter coil induces a magnetic field which extends to the receiver coil.
  • Within the receiver coil, the device magnetic field generates current.  Magnetic or resonant coupling is defined as a process whereby energy is transmitted between the transmitter and receiver coil and it is achieved by both coils resonating at the same frequency.
  • Current flowing through the receiver coil is converted into direct current (DC) by the receiver circuit, the battery can be recharged using this.

It is via this process that power is safely transferred over an air gap and any non-metal object like wood, plastic or granite that might exist between the coils.

The Future of Wireless Charging

This could be the game changer for devices used in different industries and application not just for the mobile phone charging station Industry. The removal of the physical connection required for powering and recharging devices delivers a number of benefits over traditional cable connectors however the conventional method using cables are faster.

We currently use both methods:

Benefits of Wireless Charging:

  • The conventional connection is normally overused however, wireless charging would reduce the cost associated with maintaining mechanical connectors.
  • Safe powering or charging devices that need to remain sterile or hermetically sealed (waterproof)
  • It prevents strains on the cable and corrosion due to elements such as oxygen and water
  • It also eliminates sparks and debris associated with wired contacts

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